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You must be wondering what a freight forwarder does? Here are the details for you:

#Freightforwarder is a kind of intermediary agency. It mainly cooperates with #airlines , #shipping #companies , #carrier and #logisticscompanies to provide customers with economical and applicable transport services and comprehensively solve customers’ logistics problems.

Freight forwarder enterprise cargo transportation, which includes cooperation with airlines, shipping companies, carriers, logistics companies, etc., to provide customers with affordable transportation services and comprehensively solve customer logistics problems.

To provide customers with logistics management services, including formulating logistics plans, transport mode selection, export declaration, international cargo transportation insurance and so on.

To provide customers with #road, #air, #sea and #othertransportationoptions, and according to customer requirements, choose the most suitable mode of transportation and route.

Freight forwarding is also a new industry, in the “symbiotic industry” or “marginal industry” between international trade and international cargo transportation.

Freight forwarders mainly do is to accept the commission to deal with cargo transportation, warehousing, handling and other aspects of the matter, international freight forwarders to undertake a wider range of business.

In general, freight forwarding is an industry that provides #transportationservices for shippers and capacity providers, it connects shippers and carriers, and helps shippers to transport and manage goods more efficiently.

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