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Best Product Sourcing Agent in China

Small Business

Whether sourcing goods, inspecting suppliers, examining the production, or handling order fulfillment, Sweet Protrading is ALL YOU NEED to grow your eCommerce business.

Medium to Large Business

Sweet Protrading is your ULTIMATE solution to building extensive product lines and a flawless supply chain. You have peace of mind as we efficiently store, process, pick, pack, and ship your goods.

Product Development

We have years of experience in assisting businesses to kickstart their business ideas. Our sourcing professionals guide you STEP-BY-STEP in thorough product development.

We can sourcing all the high quality and low price goods from China for you, including 1688 Taobao Jingdong Pinduoduo and other platforms. We help you collect goods from different suppliers and different platforms , and finally package and send them together.Our value-added services can help customers remove excess packaging consolidation packaging, save freight, we can also take photos of inspection, labeling warehouse and so on,choose us is your good partner in trade

Our sourcing team is connected with reliable top suppliers and ready to fulfill all your needs. We offer professional advice on quality sourcing, secure transportation, 24/7 support and competitive pricing to help you quickly build your e-commerce business and make your e-commerce sales or distribution business 100% successful. We will make your e-commerce sales or distribution business 100% successful.