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Our Services

13 years of experience in FBA Shipping

Air Freight

We help transport your load anyplace on the planet, making your business run easily regardless of where products

Safe/fast/cheap routes

Door To Door Delivery Service(DDP AND DDU)

Choose various flight priority and economic services

Sea Freight

Sea cargo dispatches in excess of 5,500 holders per day to ports all around the globe, making us a top forwarder.

LCL&FCL Shiping services

Door To Door Delivery Service(DDP and DDU)

Stable sailing schedule every week.


With a worldwide organization and advanced coordination arrange -ments, we can provide door-to-door courier services.

Door To Door Deliver ( DDU or DAP)

Preferential rate : DHL / UPS / FEDEX / TNT

Warehouse Receiving

We ensure you get the most and maximize your space to meet all your warehousing needs

Product Sourcing

We have the most up-to-second products, so you notice the market trend. With us, you find REPUTABLE suppliers with BUDGETED goods to meet your branding needs.

Inspection Services

Careful product testing inspection of your items! We’ll test every one of your products to make sure they are in good condition prior to reaching Amazon

Short-term storage

FBA shipping offers a flexible storage solution

Products Resell

Products resell for products in closed account

Barcode and Label Service

For eligible products that require an Amazon barcode, Fulfillment by Amazon can apply those barcodes for you for a per-item fee. Let us save you some money!

Master of transportation resources integration, whether it is the United States line or the European line in addition to the general commercial/personal cargo, we can also handle special cargo, such as: Formal customs clearance of tea cosmetics protein powder, as well as customs clearance and door-to-door delivery of large goods such as the whole house furniture, commercial machinery, large hand office and other products, according to the particularity of the goods to book local delivery resources, door-to-door service, so that you save money and worry.

Full container DDP to door service, with the increase of customer demand, in addition to providing conventional LCL DDP, we have added full container DDP service, from warehousing packaging, container loading trailer customs clearance destination customs, container pick-up appointment delivery, to become your business assistant