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1.Different channels Each #freight#forwarderhas different channels, and it is normal for different #shippingcompanies to have a large difference in price, so it is necessary to ask what channel is taken, if it is taken by sea, there is a difference between fast and slow, and the price of fast and slow ships is also very different.

2. the goods are different, some bulk goods, some #LCL, different goods reported the price will be different.

3.Is it a first-hand channel? If it is a first-hand channel, that is, the #freight#forwarderis the agent of this channel, the discount of the agent will be relatively large, and the price will be relatively low.

Of course, due to the different volume of #freightforwarders, agent account levels are also different, only to reach a certain amount of goods, in order to apply for a low cost agent account, the freight forwarder is not large can only be used as a two-level agent and three-level agent, the price is relatively high. In short, the reasons are many, each #freightforwarding channel advantages are different, pricing is different, service is different, strength is different and so on many reasons, a penny a cent goods, of course, may also have a very strong, good service freight forwarding price is very low, but in general, the price is not the only judge a freight forwarder is good or bad standards. It is also very important to point out that sometimes the #price quoted by some freight forwarders at the port of departure is surprisingly low, and even zero in some fees. However, this is a kind of business game, perhaps your guests at the port of destination will have to bear a huge cost. The above is why the price gap between international freight forwarders is so large.

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